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Support the Women's world championship

Postby Carm » Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:44 pm

following up on from the meeting last night.

Hi, I’m Linda Salamone and together with Jamie Sheldon we are the entire US Women's Hang Gliding Team for 2013. The Women's World Championship is to be held in Forbes, Australia in January 2013, concurrently with the men’s competition.
The preliminary website: ... -2013.html
Now that Jamie is flying for the US, she brings all of her experience competing in past World Championships and her amazing personal best last year of a 300km flight to goal in Australia. I bring my enthusiasm, experience in past World Championships and competitive spirit. This spring, we had a chance to team fly and find that we have similar flying strategies and fly well together. We intend to kick some ass now that we are finally on the same team!
Our budget is just over $16,000. Ugh! So buy a T-shirt! The women's style is being re-printed but the two colors of men's are available now.
Check this link and then shoot me an e-mail saying what size/color and your address.

Read more: ... 873#288873#ixzz24Jl2pN64

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