Ed Levin Speed Gliding **THANK YOU!**

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Re: Ed Levin Speed Gliding **IT'S ON FOR FEB 13TH & 14TH**

Postby crvalley » Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:58 pm

Here are the pilots signed up to date...a few others have indicated they may show up, as well, so this list could grow...Diev and Ryan unfortunately cannot make it.

1. Brett D'Aquino (H3) Moyes Litesport (King Post Class)
2. John Hesch (H4) Moyes RS4 (Open Class)
3. Diev Hart (H4) Moyes Litespeed 4 (Open Class)
4. Ryan Goebel (H4) Litespeed 4S (Open Class)
5. Ben Dunn (H4) Litespeed RS3.5 (Open Class)
6. Brian Foster (H4) WW T2C (Open Class)
7. Jason Boehm (H4) Sensor 142F2 (King Post Class)
8. Johnny French (H3) Saturn 147 (King Post Class)
9. Chris Valley (H4) WW T2 (Open Class)
10. Wayne Michelsen (H4) Icaro Z8 (Open Class)
11. Noman (H4) Aeros Combat (Open Class)
12. Matt Jagelka (H4) WW Talon (Open Class)
13. John Taylor (H4) Moyes Litespeed 5 (Open Class)
14. Oleg Mustiazza (H4) Aeros KPL 13 (Open Class)
15. Lijian Liu (H4) WW U2 (King Post Class)
16. Mark Suttie (H2) WW Falcon 225 (Rookie Class)
17. Vann Pelham (H3) WW Sport 2 135 (King Post Class)
18. Larry Howe, (H3) WW Sport 2 155 (King Post Class)
19. John Skypimp Peterson (H2) WW Falcon 195 (Rookie Class)
20. Walter Whiteside (H4) Moyes Litesport (King Post Class)
21. Jason French (H2) Pulse 10M (Rookie Class)
22. Mike Owens (H2) WW Falcon (Rookie Class)
23. Mary Plavec (H2) Pulse (Rookie Class)
24. Matt Hendershot (H3) WW Falcon (Rookie Class)

Tim Ellis
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Re: Ed Levin Speed Gliding **IT'S ON FOR FEB 13TH & 14TH**

Postby Tim Ellis » Sat Feb 13, 2010 6:09 pm

I was the guy standing on start all day today watching and starting the timing. I thought some comments from my part might be of interest or help.

People coming through the entry gate heading to the start gate took several different lines but the fast guys through the entry, start and turn one always took the same line or a slight variation. They came into the entry gate setting up for the right hand approach into the start gate by going thru the entry gate going toward the hill or SE. This allowed a smooth sweeping right turn and a dive toward the start gate. Going thru the start gate they were set up for the left across the hill toward turn 1. Bottom line it looks like you need to fly at least two if not three turns ahead.

I heard some frustration from some pilots passing the start gate. I actually heard some bad words :oops: These were noted on the scoring sheet I had so please feel free to see JB to see if there were any DQs because of this. I would say to the rookies that I heard brovo!! With as little time h2s have had in the air brovo for stepping up and trying the speed gliding course. So you missed the entry gate you had a lot to think about during the run.

Have fun all.

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Re: Ed Levin Speed Gliding **IT'S ON FOR FEB 13TH & 14TH**

Postby olegmeister » Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:30 pm

Now you tell me? :) The beginners have done well indeed!
I took a couple of pictures; my camera speed settings reset for some reason, sorry for the blurs <link>.

Fyi, here's my report from the Airshow nearly 6 years ago; we all looked younger then :( <link>.

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Re: Ed Levin Speed Gliding **THANK YOU!**

Postby crvalley » Mon Feb 15, 2010 8:07 am

Thank you to all the pilots who participated and volunteers who helped out to make Ed Levin Speed Gliding 2010 a great success!

Final Competition Stats:

Rookie Class:
Jason French
Mary Plavec
Mark Suttie

King Post:
Dirk Morris
Brett D'Aquino
Walter Whiteside

Open Class:
Jason Boehm
Ben Dunn
Chris Valley

We were able to get in two rounds on Saturday (50 flights), but Sunday the fog would not lift, so we called the event a success by 1pm and got on with the award ceremony and BBQ.

I had a ton of people telling me how much fun they had...I have a strong feeling Ed Levin Speed Gliding will happen again in 2011!


Chris :ugeek:

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Re: Ed Levin Speed Gliding **THANK YOU!**

Postby Jason » Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:28 pm

2011 I'll be there :D

The course was great, very fast, and very fun

Thanks to everyone that made it happen

charlie nelson
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photos from LZ

Postby charlie nelson » Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:48 pm

ripping the nitrogen
running on adrenaline
here's a few that we took
http://picasaweb.google.com/Charlie.Kat ... eFebr2010#

in John Taylor's link below , the foto order seems to start from the last picture ; view from 286 back to one.
launching was a challenge sometimes. flyaway chest bounce, pic 177
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Re: Ed Levin Speed Gliding **THANK YOU!**

Postby jtsquid » Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:44 pm

That was tons of fun! Can't wait for next year's event!

Here's link to Jim Hillmann's photo gallery. http://www.spinneyproduction.com/galler ... 0134_yu75d
He was able to get some incredible shots of all of us on Saturday. The photos are hi-res and should be downloadable/printable almost poster size! Enjoy!

John Taylor

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Re: Ed Levin Speed Gliding **THANK YOU!**

Postby bdunn » Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:32 am

A big THANK YOU to the organizers Chris, Brian and John, for pulling off a prestigous meet,
and the to many volunteers that it could not have happened without.

I truely enjoyed it,
and I believe it will be recognized as a moment in the Ed Levin Hang Gliding history & WOR.

Well Done !!

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Some photos from Eric

Postby Eric_F » Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:36 am

Here are the photos I shot:



I'll look into getting them onto another service since they are sort of small.

If there are any images in particular that you'd like me to email you, just shoot me an email to- president@wingsofrogallo.org

Fly Further, Faster

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Re: Ed Levin Speed Gliding **THANK YOU!**

Postby fpeel » Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:09 am

Here's a link to the photo site where some of my better shots have been posted already (more to come):

http://frankpeel.smugmug.com/Other/WOR- ... 0454_2UM6p

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