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Reminder about waivers and site introduction procedures at Ed Levin

Dear pilots,

This past weekend we had some excellent flying conditions at Ed Levin both days.  It was great to see so many pilots getting great flights in, with several pilots achieving their personal bests!

Unfortunately, there were several P2 pilots who had never flown from the 600 and 1750 launches before who showed up without having signed up and paid for club membership, without having signed the necessary liability waivers, and without having arranged a site introduction with a member of the Site Introduction Team beforehand.

All pilots need to have a signed electronic waiver on file, in addition to a paper copy of the Santa Clara Parks waiver on their person.

If you are a lower rated pilot (P2, H2, or H3), please make sure you read the
Site Procedures and arrange a site introduction with an instructor or member of the Site Introduction Team before showing up at Ed Levin and certainly before going to launch.  The mentors on the Site Introduction Team devote their personal time and energy to give introductions and mentor new pilots -  please be respectful of this.

In order to make it easier for pilots to connect with mentors on the Site Introduction Team, we’re expanding the team, and are setting up a dedicated Telegram group specifically for site introductions.  Here is the link to the group. The link to the group is also available on  Please only join this group for arranging a site introduction, in order to help keep chatter to a minimum and make it easier for pilots to connect with mentors.

Feel free to forward this message to P2, H2, and H3 pilot friends who may fly Ed Levin in the future, but are not WOR members yet.



WOR Ed Levin Site Committee

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