Wings of Rogallo Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club of Northern California
WOR Free Flight First Aid Workshop
What: Free Flight First Aid Workshop for paraglider and hang glider pilots hosted by Dr. Tonia Fox
When: Saturday December 11th 6:00pm-9:00pm
Where: Brightworks School 360 9th st, San Francisco CA 94118
Free Flight First Aid is a physician-taught workshop that teaches practical approaches to pilots who may be on scene for an injury accident. While not meant to replace formal First Aid or Wilderness First Responder courses, we will introduce many of the same topics including when (and how) to call for professional help, protecting a pilot with possible spinal injuries, controlling bleeding, splinting and managing head injuries and altered levels of consciousness. This workshop begins with online modules to view at home, and finishes with an evening of demonstrations, hands-on skill stations, and group practice of injury scenarios.
Ticket cost is $30 which goes directly to Tonia for supplies. There is a 30 person limit plus a waitlist. If there is enough interest we will host a second workshop in January. There will be an option to purchase first aid supplies for an additional fee.
There is a small parking lot plus easy street parking.

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