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WOR Bylaws public comment, Mission Peak update, Next Meeting, New Website

Bylaws public comment

As announced during the last club meeting, a revision of the club’s bylaws is in progress.  The current bylaws have not been updated in over 15 years, and there are numerous changes that have happened in the club (and in the world!) since then that warrant modernization.

The Executive Board has created the first draft, and it has been reviewed by counsel to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations that govern 501(c)(7) non-profit mutual benefit corporations (which is what WOR is).

The draft is now ready for review by all WOR members, and is viewable here.

A summary of all changes is included at the end of the document.  In addition to changing the bylaws, the board is proposing changing the club’s stated purpose in its Articles of Incorporation.  That proposed change is included at the end of the document above.

The current bylaws can be viewed
here, for comparison.

Action requested

Please review these proposed changes and provide comments up to
July 20, 2020 at 12pm.  Please send all comments via email as follows:

To: [email protected]

Subject: WOR bylaws revision

Body:  For each comment, reference the section and paragraph, followed by your comment.


Comments that don’t follow this structure may not be read.

For convenience, click here for an email template.

Next Steps

Following the public comment period, a portion of the next club meeting on Jul 21, 2020, will be dedicated to discussing and resolving any open comments and issues regarding the revisions.

Following this meeting, comments will be incorporated into a final draft, which will be published to members shortly thereafter.  A vote will then be held approximately 3-4 weeks after this.

Thanks in advance for your input, and for helping to modernize the club!

The WOR Executive committee 

Mission Peak Update

From Roy Spencer (site chair)

To all pilots that fly Mission Ridge,

I have received a communication from the EBRPD Park Supervisor.  The Park Supervisor has made it a clear requirement to:

  1. Land only in the designated landing zones identified in our special use agreement.
  2. Do not erect any poles, sticks, or anything else inside the preserve other than the two windsock poles identified in our special use agreement.

I got clarification that the second item included sticks we find in the local environment.

Below are two illustrations showing the location and boundary of our bottom landing zone (LZ1) and our top landing zone (LZ2). The top landing zone illustration was provided by the Park Supervisor.

LZ 1 (bottom)

LZ 2 (top)

Note: The top landing zone has only been verbally approved by the Park Supervisor. Our 2015 Special Use Agreement does not recognize the top landing zone.

Also, WOR still does not have a 2020 Special Use Agreement with EBRPD and the EBRPD does not have a current lease with the City of Fremont for the parts of Mission Peak Regional Preserve that are owned by the city, which includes the Stanford Avenue Staging Area (the main parking lot).

We thank pilots for their adherence to the site procedures during this somewhat sensitive period, while the club is trying to secure the renewal of its Special Use Agreement, and while East Bay Parks tries to secure its own long-term lease with the City of Fremont.

These requirements can be discussed at the next meeting.


Roy (Mission site chair)

Next Meeting

The next Wings of Rogallo Meeting will be held via Zoom call on Tuesday July 21st, 2020 at 7:30pm.  A Zoom link will be sent out to all active members prior to the meeting with a dial-in option available.

New Website

The new website will be launching in the next week or two.  If you'd like to beta test, please kick the tires at and send feedback to [email protected].

The new website is designed to use electronic waivers, downloadable membership cards, and more.

We are also looking for a home to the Discussion Board which will not be a part of the new website.  We'd love to spin it off to anyone who has the interest and time. If you know anyone who would like to host and moderate the board, please email [email protected].

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