Wings of Rogallo Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club of Northern California

Dear Wings of Rogallo and Windy Hill Skyriders members,


The transfer of Windy Hill from the Windy Hill Skyriders to WOR is now complete!  The site co-chairs for Windy Hill are Tom Low and Evan Cohen.


A new site page for Windy Hill has been created that contains all of the information about flying at Windy Hill.  The site procedures and site guide are largely unchanged from what they were previously under the Windy Hill Skyriders club.


Note: there is a new electronic sign-in page for Windy Hill at


Actions Required for existing Windy Hill Skyriders Members


1. Log in to your Wings of Rogallo account.

2. Browse to the Waivers page, and sign the latest version of the Chapter Affirmation waiver, that includes the MROSD and other landowners as Released Parties.  You may have already completed this step at some point in the past, in which case you can skip this step.

3. Browse to the Windy Hill Permit page, and download your new permit, which has been obtained on your behalf.  The permit expiry date is Dec 31, 2023, so there is no need to renew it at the end of this year.

4. Save or print a copy of your new permit when flying at Windy Hill.

5. Sign in on the new electronic sign-in page every time you fly there.


How can I fly at Windy Hill?


The Windy Hill page of the club website has detailed site procedures and a site guide that contain all of the necessary information.  Windy Hill is a P4/H4-rated challenging and sensitive site that requires excellent piloting skills and sound judgment to be flown safely.


To summarize:

  1. You must be a USHPA member, a WOR member, and possess a P4 / H4 (or foreign equivalent), with a Restricted Landing Field (RLF) special skill recommended for HGs.

  2. You must sign the latest chapter affirmation waiver.

  3. You must possess a permit from the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD).

  4. You must get a site introduction from an experienced pilot before flying there.

  5. You must sign in before flying.


Why do I need a MROSD permit and how do I get one?


The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD), the park agency that manages Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, has its own permit system, and unlike most other flying sites, requires that each pilot be issued their own individual special use permit.  Park officers check permits on occasion to ensure that pilots are flying there legally.


A club officer can obtain a permit from the park on your behalf.  There is no cost to obtain a permit, however this process is manual and somewhat administratively burdensome to manage with the park office and can have a long turn-around time depending on staff availability, so please only request a permit if you meet the requirements to fly at Windy Hill and have interest in flying there.


If you meet the minimum rating requirements to fly at Windy Hill, and if you have the necessary skills and physical fitness to fly there safely, email [email protected] with your name and USHPA number, and a permit will be obtained for you.




The WOR and Windy Hill Skyriders executive boards

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