WOR Executive Board

Juan Laos
[email protected]

Evan Cohen
[email protected]

Flight Director
Bob Posey
[email protected]

Isaiah Clapp
[email protected]

Vice President
Susan Kent
[email protected]

Ben Wedlock
[email protected]

Membership Services
David Oddy
[email protected]

Site Committee Chairs

Ed Levin Site Committee Chairmen
Soham Mehta
[email protected]

Mission Site Committee Chairmen
Roy Spencer
[email protected]

Diablo Site Committee Chairmen
Robert Moore
[email protected]


The Wings of Rogallo hang gliding club was founded in the mid-1970’s to serve the interests of hang gliding pilots in the San Francisco Bay area. Since that time, the club has grown to be one of the largest in the country, with a typical roster of 350-400 hang gliding and paragliding pilots.

Wings of Rogallo administers 3 local sites in addition to providing soaring forecasts, a newsletter, and a number of other services to the pilot community.

Contact Us

WOR Business Address
Wings of Rogallo
PO Box 361885
Milpitas, CA 95036 -1885