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Chat with Local Pilots

The Telegram app has become an excellent way to find out who is flying, when and where and to get information on flying activities in the area. In order to join, you’ll first need to install the Telegram app on your phone, laptop or desktop. Once you have the app installed, click the following links to join the chat channels of interest.

Signal is also used by some pilots.

**Note** We highly encourage folks to use their real names, or at least first name and last initial in these groups to avoid confusion and foster community.

These groups are not affiliated with Wings of Rogallo in any way, and we are not responsible for the content.  We’re providing these links only as a service to try and help pilots connect with one another.

How to get the group links:

It turns out that bot spam is a problem, so we can’t post the join links here.  If we did, we’d eventually get posts about cheap drug pharmacies and cryptocurrencies on our hang gliding and paragliding chats. We’ve designed this foolproof-ish system to keep them out: answer this quiz and provide an email address, and we’ll send you all the links in a one-time email.

    Answer this question to make sure you're a pilot and not an evil spam bot!