WOR Approved Instructors/Observers

Wings of Rogallo is not a school and we do not provide flight training.

All instructors and observers below have been authorized by WOR to teach/observe at Ed Levin.  Ed Levin is the only flying site that allows training, and the site procedures provide more information about instructors and observers ability to sponsor and sign-off pilots to fly at various launches.

Please note that many instructors below operate commercial schools and use separate insurance policies.  Our site procedures apply as the foundation for all pilots at Ed Levin as the park permit to fly is based on the WOR site procedures.



  • Wallace Anderson - Advanced Instructor
  • Kim Galvin - Advanced Instructor
  • Jeffrey Greenbaum - Advanced Instructor
  • Juan Laos - Advanced Instructor
  • Jesse Meyer - Advanced Instructor
  • Robert Posey - Advanced Instructor
  • Klaus Schlueter - Advanced Instructor
  • Julie Spiegler - Advanced Instructor
  • Ed Stein - Advanced Instructor
  • Gever Tulley - Advanced Instructor


  • Patrick Allaire
  • Karl Allmendinger
  • Phyl Hamby
  • Susan Kent
  • David Oddy
  • Michael Vergalla

Hang Gliding


  • Michael Briganti - Basic Instructor
  • Kurtis Carter - Advanced Instructor
  • Patrick Denevan - Advanced Instructor
  • Eric Hinrichs - Advanced Instructor
  • Robert Hugel - Basic Instructor
  • Brian Lee - Advanced Instructor
  • Ryan Matthews - Basic Instructor
  • Scott Seebass - Advanced Instructor
  • John Simpson - Advanced Instructor
  • Anthony Tagliaferro - Basic Instructor


  • Karl Allmendinger
  • Rick Dumlao
  • Takeo Eda
  • David Egli
  • Brian Foster
  • Paul Gazis
  • Soham Mehta
  • Wayne Michelsen
  • Masayo Miyauchi
  • Steve Rodrigues
  • Christopher Valley